I am 11 and this is what I learned from event planning

Everyone loves to see their friends outside of school, whether it’s by accident or well-thought out planned. When you plan to meet up with a friend, there are many things to take into consideration, such as who is coming, where you’re going, when you’re going, how you’re going to get there, and how much it will cost.  All these details should be put into an easily-accessible source, and all questions should be answered in advance.  By doing so, we prevent any possible confusions about the event..

I find the most efficient solution is to come up with a draft plan that works for you and have your guest read it over and make changes if they must to fit their schedule.  Don’t cram parties or things like that into your schedule.  You should plan them to be when you have lots of free time.  At a party, you don’t want to be constantly checking the time; you won’t have fun that way!  The whole idea of a fun party with friends is to have fun, don’t defeat the purpose.

Organization and collaboration skills are very important in our everyday life.  In school, there are many subjects that require organizing materials varying in size, shape, and use.  A few examples of these materials are instruments in music class, and gym clothes for gym class.  Lack of organization skills means that these materials are all over the place, and you are constantly losing things and forgetting assignments.  This really affects your learning skill marks.  Group projects can always be found at school.  You need to be able to listen to other ideas and provide constructive criticism to your peers’ statements.  Meetings at work are similar to group projects at school; being a good listener is crucial to whether plans for the company work out or not.  Making comments also add to how successful the meeting will be!  As a person, organization and collaboration skills are the most important when planning an event like this.  Being able to get your ideas out there and actually execute plans is an amazing skill.  Especially now, it’s easier to communicate with texting, direct messages, and email. Organizing events has never been easier!

This was a good learning experience.  I learned that it can take a long time to make sure all the details are clear so that no one gets confused, which communication is key in these situations. I now know that I need to make specific plans, and ensure to address all aspects of the event such as where are we going, when to get there, how to get there, how long is the stay, what activities we will be doing and how much money we need.  For all of these, we need parents’ input and help, especially if you are #GrowingUpWithStrictParents.

p.s.: In case you haven’t noticed, I planned a fabulous play date with my BFF at Wonderland 🙂


Sara Chi Written by:

Sara is a mother of two witty, wonderful teen/tween girls who she tries to embrace with girl power without exasperation. Sara asks a lot of whys, this may or may not have something to do with the girls, however, please don't ask why she does that. Sara often speaks her mind with bluntness and people think she is funny, it has happened more than she can count. As smart as she is, this remains mysterious.