• Jessica Barnes

    Great post Sara. For us at BLOOM it’s all about extracting business plans and objectives from social data – making data meaningful. We created a quick, how to video on this subject which I thought you’d find interesting.


    • http://www.sarachi.ca SaraChi

      Thanks for stopping by Jessica, extracting data from social chatters and making it meaningful is all we try to do ultimately; know what to look for and why it matters even data is automated generated, then how to do it better the next time is what I aim for.

  • Daniel K.

    I think a lot of people and businesses are waking up to see why they should be using Social Media but are still struggling with how. I’ve seen many places that just contribute noise and just seem spammy to online discussions. (Those forced ads via landing pages that are experiencing a comeback aren’t helping either)

    I guess the big question for the upcoming year will be how to connect with users genuinely without hitting them over the head with your agenda.

    Great read and points!

    • http://www.sarachi.ca SaraChi

      Hi Daniel,

      You are correct in that businesses are trying to figure out the how, wanting their content to go viral. I am not a fan of sponsored ad/promoted tweet and often tune out if I find the messages are pushy.

      Thanks very much for reading.