• Dianne / Smilenwaven

    Good one Sara… those folks need a life if that’s an actual worry in their day!!

    • http://www.sarachi.ca SaraChi

      No kidding Dianne! I can’t tell you how many are out there.

  • deebruncocktaildeeva

    I don’t give a Shit…It’s my choice who I CHOOSE to follow or Unfollow…that is the beauty of Twitter..it’s YOUR TWOIT you make the choices..;) Well said Sara!

    • http://www.sarachi.ca SaraChi

      Thanks Dee, I felt like this is more than a numbers game, it’s like survivor!  This may be the reason I shift my love to Google+, I mean, what can they do? “-1 me”?? Oh here comes another post….

  • Lena Almeida

    Who has time to see who unfollows them? And then even more time to bother calling them out? Send them my way please – I’ve got a pile of dirty laundry that I don’t have TIME for. Sheesh.

    • http://www.sarachi.ca SaraChi

      Oh Lena, some people has much more glamorous and phenomenal life than you and me, we are missing out big time. Sad.

  • http://www.mefest.blogspot.com/ @those2girls

    I don’t check who follows & unfollows me.  Infact I often say if you follow me please say HELLO!

    • http://www.sarachi.ca SaraChi

      Lisa, that’s another story altogether.  Problem is I follow someone and for whatever reason (voluntarily or involuntarily) I stop following, I actually don’t mind if they remind me in a personal way, but broadcast it and do it passive aggressively?  Dislike.

  • http://www.offtheporch.ca Alison Pentland

    Then again Sara, you did tell me Twitter was sometimes like high school.

    • http://www.sarachi.ca SaraChi

      I did, didn’t I Alison? I was rock star in high school, LOL! Maybe that’s why they want me to follow them so much???

  • Winser Zhao

    followed you.
    I do follow the people if I interested in. and I maybe follow them back if they followed me first. I don’t care if they unfollow me, I dont have time to check it.
    Good to connect.

    • http://www.sarachi.ca SaraChi

      Hi Winser, thanks for reading and commenting.  That’s the beauty and ugly of Twitter IMO, we all have choices and freedom to decide who to follow/unfollow, there’s no right or wrong answer, certainly not to judge by the numbers.