Why you care if I unfollow?


Over the last 3 months or so, I have been called out at least handful times that, I unfollowed some people and they were not happy so they decided to unfollow me as well.  I have issues with it, not the unfolding part, but the calling out, especially when you and I had barely exchanged conversations, why would you even care?

We all know Twitter does its prank once in a while, like it or not; if you happen to notice that and care enough, why not just re-follow to start the conversation again?   There are several apps and websites out there to help you better manage followers and I absolutely agree them can be effective, again ONLY if you care; but not to tweet out  things like “in the last 7 days, I lost 28 followers and I caught them all with x” or “@InfoSara and some others unfollowed me [checked by fllwrs.com]”. Really? You CAUGHT THEM ALL, or @me just for that??

I have people unfollow me every day, and when I follow someone, I don’t ever expect them to follow me back (I admit it’ll be nice though 🙂 !  Really what I care about is the time I spend on Twitter,

(1) whether I am able to help peeps with my own experience, professionally or personally;

(2) whether I learn something new and gain knowledge;

(3) whether I have fun talking to my friends or even win prizes from Twitter party

With all that, I just couldn’t understand why you would call someone out when s/he unfollows you?  What is your intention and what are you planning to do??  Oh and a side note, my favourite introduction at conference or networking event is– “Hi, I follow you but you are not following me back.” Yep, THAT.

So please, tell me again why you care?


Sara Chi Written by:

Sara is a mother of two witty, wonderful teen/tween girls who she tries to embrace with girl power without exasperation. Sara asks a lot of whys, this may or may not have something to do with the girls, however, please don't ask why she does that. Sara often speaks her mind with bluntness and people think she is funny, it has happened more than she can count. As smart as she is, this remains mysterious.

  • Dianne / Smilenwaven

    Good one Sara… those folks need a life if that’s an actual worry in their day!!

    • No kidding Dianne! I can’t tell you how many are out there.

  • deebruncocktaildeeva

    I don’t give a Shit…It’s my choice who I CHOOSE to follow or Unfollow…that is the beauty of Twitter..it’s YOUR TWOIT you make the choices..;) Well said Sara!

    • Thanks Dee, I felt like this is more than a numbers game, it’s like survivor!  This may be the reason I shift my love to Google+, I mean, what can they do? “-1 me”?? Oh here comes another post….

  • Lena Almeida

    Who has time to see who unfollows them? And then even more time to bother calling them out? Send them my way please – I’ve got a pile of dirty laundry that I don’t have TIME for. Sheesh.

    • Oh Lena, some people has much more glamorous and phenomenal life than you and me, we are missing out big time. Sad.

  • I don’t check who follows & unfollows me.  Infact I often say if you follow me please say HELLO!

    • Lisa, that’s another story altogether.  Problem is I follow someone and for whatever reason (voluntarily or involuntarily) I stop following, I actually don’t mind if they remind me in a personal way, but broadcast it and do it passive aggressively?  Dislike.

  • Then again Sara, you did tell me Twitter was sometimes like high school.

    • I did, didn’t I Alison? I was rock star in high school, LOL! Maybe that’s why they want me to follow them so much???

  • Winser Zhao

    followed you.
    I do follow the people if I interested in. and I maybe follow them back if they followed me first. I don’t care if they unfollow me, I dont have time to check it.
    Good to connect.

    • Hi Winser, thanks for reading and commenting.  That’s the beauty and ugly of Twitter IMO, we all have choices and freedom to decide who to follow/unfollow, there’s no right or wrong answer, certainly not to judge by the numbers.