How To Use Buffer in an All About Me Kind of Way

These days, when you are online you probably spend big chunk of time on social networking sites, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, et al; and you are chatting, engaging, sharing and tagging.  You don’t do this for yourself; you do this with others to help others, right? Are you with me??

Enter Buffer, a wonderful app that lets you schedule tweets and optimize the best time to send to the most followers possible for greater potential reach.  There has been enough debates about whether it’s appropriate to schedule tweets, my thinking is “ it’s ok to schedule useful information you want to share to people you know will benefit from but never schedule a conversation”; I am sure my friends, Aaron Lee and Danny Brown will agree with me here, I’ve seen and enjoyed their automated tweets, plus they are honest to say so up front in their bios.

So much good information out that your blogging simply can’t keep up with, why not simply share where it’s originating and give credits to the author? I use Buffer when (1) I don’t want to annoy or overwhelmed my followers; (2) I don’t take part in buzz creating campaigns.  After all, you are on social media to help others, aren’t you?
Now that’s “all for you” goodies, what about ME then? I link Buffer to both my Twitter account and Facebook business page; I also schedule tweets diligently (See charts below).  One thing to note is, Buffer gives the different posting schedule for my Twitter and Facebook page, and you can change it anytime if you feel there are other schedule should be added.


This is how I use Buffer in an “all about me” kind of way 🙂
   Reading Maniac – I used to have the articles saved, links, bookmarked, page forward to emailed, Google Reader archived for all information I want to read but for whatever reasons were unable to do so at that moment, and it ends up in different places I find it hard to keep up, now it’s all in my Buffer list and I can always go back and read it.


   RT Monster on steroid – I prefer to see RTs with comments so I know whether it’s worth clicking, and yes, Buffer do let you schedule tweets and it also has the option of “post now”, you can add comments to the RTing message before fire away.


   Analytics smarty —  BufferApp presents a list of your tweets with number of clicks and people who retweeted, you will see which post gets the most clicks and what content people are interested, it’s kind of a neat way to find out the “call to action” trigger.

(You can learn more from this TechCrunch post,

I have been using it for couple months now and absolutely enjoy it, I find it easy, handy and very useful!!

Now with the app hitting iPhone App store (check it out here, I am sure all you iLovers will like it and please share your thoughts with me here.

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