• Kathy Buckworth

    I’ve met you a few times, IRL, and you’re fabulous. Looking forward to hanging out with you tonight and letting some other Tweeps meet you as well.

    • http://www.sarachi.ca SaraChi

      Thank you Kathy, and I’ll shut up, don’t worry :)

  • annegreen

    See the think is I think we’re ALL celebs on twitter! LOL Are we riding together? Call me!

    • http://www.sarachi.ca SaraChi

      Can’t wait ! I’ll shut up a little, hopefully that will help you get over with the crankiness :)

  • Kathleen (DroolMama)

    Sara – Don’t worry, I’m hoping I have more than 140 characters of interesting stuff to share tonight too :) See you then!

    • http://www.sarachi.ca SaraChi

      Looking forward to seeing soon !

  • Joanne Wallace

    Oh Sara – you’re hardly a conversation killer and in fact I burst out laughing when I read that. I am happy to say that the times I have met you, you’ve been engaging, talkative and a delight to be around. I look forward to spending more time with you IRL. Buckworth on the other hand… ; )

    • http://www.sarachi.ca SaraChi

      Thanks Joanne, your magic wand is working ! I’ll be the messenger to tell Kathy later, and please don’t shoot me… :)

  • katie

    Hey, Sara. I knew you at the beginning ..You are amazing and I’m so proud to be your friend. You have truly grown in many ways. – certainly more outspoken, more knowledgeable and worldly and always curious about everything ..and you are a great mom… ..Your friends sound terrific..can I join ?

    • http://www.sarachi.ca SaraChi

      OMG, is this you Katie? You are actually reading and commenting my blog??!!! Thank you for always being my friend, please come join on Twitter I’ve got more awesome friends to share with you now!

  • Heather

    Sara! Twitter is the great equalizer. I won’t be there tonight but would be happy to tweet-up with you anytime. Have fun…(and keep Buckworth away from the animals!).

    • http://www.sarachi.ca SaraChi

      Heather! Look forward to tweetup anytime, so when is it??? Kathy was not close to animals tonight (I think) but she got to be like Madonna, with mic. :)

  • vicky weiss

    I dont think you are boring at all. Loved your blog post.

    • http://www.sarachi.ca SaraChi

      Thank you for reading Vicky, hope I get to chat with you more next time, promise I’ll be more interesting :)

  • Rebecca @bitofmomsense

    This is a great post because it’s honest, and there is nothing fake about that!

    You want boring? 😉 I prefer to eat at 4:30 so that all of us can eat together before the kids get over tired. I like to take a hot bath and surf/tweet before, when possible, an early bed and I say ‘sorry but I can’t’ to most invites that involve me leaving the house 😉

    BUT I do love Glee…;)

    • http://www.sarachi.ca SaraChi

      Thank you Rebecca ! Good to know the 4:30 meal and thanks for sharing yourself with me, think we’ll find each other quickly in a crowd. You still win cause you love Glee…. :)